Who is Brothers Road

Mission & Vision

Brothers on a Road Less Traveled is an international, non-profit, interfaith fellowship that provides peer support, education and outreach to adults — primarily men who experience same-sex attractions (or related issues) and who choose to address those attractions in ways that align with their own personal faith, values, morals, beliefs and life goals.

We are a peer-led, volunteer-based, faith-affirming community that respects the inherent and equal worth, dignity, equal rights, and free will of each individual, regardless of their sexuality or how they may choose to express or address it in their own lives.

Our Mission

As an interfaith fellowship, we provide peer support, help facilitate personal growth, and co-create safe, compassionate communities for men to voluntarily explore addressing their same-sex attractions (and related issues) in affirming ways that align with their own personal faith, values, morals, beliefs and life goals.

We especially support men who want to explore the possibilities for transforming their erotic or romantic responses to other men, and/or experience healing in their relationships with women.

We also provide information and peer-support to friends and family — especially wives — of the men we serve.

Our Vision

We envision a more compassionate world of mutual respect where all of us — whether we identify as gay, straight, bisexual, same-sex attracted, ex-gay or anything else — are free to choose our own identities and life paths and to live full lives in peace.

We envision a world in which all people who are dissatisfied with their same-sex attractions are free to voluntarily explore ways to align their sexual and romantic feelings with their own personal faith, values, morals and life goals without harassment, intimidation, ridicule or legal or other prohibitions.

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