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Intensive Workshop-Retreat for Women Hurt by Men’s Affairs

or Secret Same-Sex Attractions

Broadens Outreach With New Name: ‘A Woman Who Loves’

Upcoming Weekend Program Offered Near Nashville in Mid-April

(Charlottesville, Va., March 6, 2019) – An intensive weekend workshop and retreat for women who have felt betrayed by the men in their lives — especially around adulterous affairs, abuse or secret same-sex attractions — is broadening its outreach by renaming itself as it nears its 10-year-anniversary.

The new name, “A Woman Who Loves,” will be the title of the program for the first time when it is offered next in Lewisburg, Tenn., south of Nashville, April 12 to 14.

“A Woman Who Loves” is an experiential-healing and personal-growth retreat primarily for women who are working through hurt, betrayal, fear, anger, and grief related to issues with the men in their lives.

Previously called “A Wife’s Healing Journey” since its founding in 2009, the weekend intensive was originally created as support for wives of men who experience varying degrees of same-sex attraction (SSA). It was initially designed as a complement to the renowned Journey Into Manhood program for men conflicted over unwanted or incongruous same-sex attractions but who generally don’t want to live a gay life. About a third of the men who attend Journey Into Manhood are married to women and want to keep their marriages intact.

Mary Jane Morgan, MA in Counseling, co-creator of “A Woman Who Loves,” explains, “Over the years, we have found that this work is just as healing and empowering for women dealing with issues not directly related to their husbands or their marriage or to the SSA issue. By changing our name, we are opening up this healing, empowering work to a broader cross-section of women—including not just wives but girlfriends, ex-wives, widows, daughters, sisters, mothers and friends.”

“A Woman Who Loves” is led primarily by married couples whose marriages have survived (and even thrived) after a husband’s affair, or his struggles with same-sex attractions, or his porn or sex addiction, or other difficult issues.

Morgan added, though, that “the weekend is also appropriate for women who simply want to better understand themselves and the men they love. Or who want to strengthen themselves and their relationships. Or who want to open their hearts to loving again.”

To learn more, visit www.brothersroad.org/womanwholoves.

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