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Newly Published Book, ‘Then & Now: How My Sexual Attractions Have Changed,’ Features 50 First-Person Accounts of Men Who Reduced Their Homosexual Attractions

Charlottesville, VA, June 4, 2015

At a time when a person’s right to try to reduce or eliminate unwanted homosexual attractions through therapy or other means is under growing attack, a non-profit, peer-led organization that offers support for sexual orientation change efforts has published a compilation of 50 brief success stories indicating that such efforts can, in fact, be quite effective and positive.

Released today by the non-profit group People Can Change, the new book is called Then & Now: How My Sexual Attractions Have Changed. It is now available in print and as an e-book through Amazon, Barnes & Noble online and many other online book distributors. The 115-page book is also available as a free PDF through www.brothersroad.com. (People Can Change is best known for its profound experiential personal-growth weekend called “Journey Into Manhood.”)

In a collection of one- to two-page summaries, more than 50 men from nine countries briefly describe a before-and-after picture of their lives, comparing their homosexual pasts with their more heterosexual lives presently. They describe what motivated them to pursue change and what has been most effective to bring about the degree of change they have experienced.

And that change has been significant. On a seven-point scale, 25 of the book’s contributors described their past selves as exclusively homosexual, and another 27 described their past selves as primarily homosexual. In contrast, seven of the book’s contributors now describe their present selves as exclusively heterosexual, and another 33 describe themselves now as primarily heterosexual.

Even more significantly, they describe themselves as much happier and more at peace now, with greater self-esteem and self-confidence. In contrast, 16 of the contributors said they had been suicidal before they found therapy or other meaningful help that respected their goal of reducing their unwanted same-sex attractions (SSA).

The men who contributed their stories range in age from 22 to 69. Twenty-five are married to women, while 26 have never been married. Thirty-nine describe themselves as Christian (Protestants, Catholics, Latter-day Saints, Jehovah’s Witnesses and others) and the rest are Jews, Muslims or non-religious. The book features only men because People Can Change works exclusively with men who experience SSA, along with women who are married to SSA men.

On June 8 and June 13, 2015, People Can Change will offer two free webinars featuring a few of the book’s contributors who will further share their personal stories. For details, send an email to richwyler@brothersroad.org.

To learn more and to meet people who have experienced change themselves, join the Facebook discussion group, “Can Sexual Orientation Sometimes Change?” The public is invited — as long as all discourse remains civil and participants show respect for differing points of view.

For more information on People Can Change, visit www.brothersroad.org. People Can Change is a non-clinical, non-religious, non-profit, peer-support organization based in Virginia, USA. It provides experiential personal-growth weekend programs in the U.S., Europe and Israel. It also supports in-person follow-up groups and events; offers numerous online testimonials and referral resources on its website; provides worldwide group coaching by phone and Web; and facilitates free online networks for discussion and support. People Can Change does not provide therapy. People Can Change defines “change” as any degree of shift toward greater peace, self-esteem and personal fulfillment that is motivated by an individual’s desire to live according to his own deeply held values, morals and life goals.

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