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Beliefs & Values

  1. Respect. Brothers on a Road Less Traveled places the highest value on respect for the inherent and equal worth, equal rights, and free will of each individual, regardless of their sexuality or how they may choose to express or address it in their own lives.

    • Equal Worth. Likewise, we recognize the inherent and equal worth of all people regardless of their faith, race, ethnicity, sex or nationality

    • Inclusivity. We strive to be inclusive, welcoming and respectful to people of all faiths, nationalities and walks of life who may voluntarily choose to avail themselves of our programs, services and communities out of a sincere desire to explore their options for inner healing or personal growth.

  2. Free Choice. We affirm the right of all people who experience same-sex attractions to choose their own sexual identity and how and whether to express it, as well as how and whether to seek any kind of counseling, support community, or change effort.

  3. Not a Sickness. We reject any notion that homosexuality is a mental illness, mental disorder, disease, sickness, or in need of a “cure.”

    • No Impairment. We concur with the many health and mental-health authorities who recognize that “homosexuality per se implies no impairment in judgment, reliability or general social and vocational capabilities.”

    • No Coercion. We unequivocally reject any attempt to coerce someone into attempting to change their sexual orientation, or to be dissatisfied with their sexual orientation if they are content with it.

    • No Shaming. We unequivocally reject any form of shaming, rejection, discrimination, threats, harassment, abuse, aversion-therapy techniques or anything that disrespects an individual’s inherent value and worth.

    • No Rejection. We condemn any rejection by family members, religious communities, or societal groups of someone based on his or her stated or expressed sexual orientation.

  4. Sexuality Can Be Fluid. Although not a universal experience, many men associated with the Brothers Road community around the world have found that their same-sex sexual attractions have diminished over time — in some cases, profoundly.

    • Increased Peace. A great many of us have found a greater sense of hope, peace, love, brotherhood and self-acceptance as a result of our personal-growth and inner-healing work, including our work though Brothers Road programs and communities.

    • Reduction in SSA. Many of us have seen the frequency and intensity of our same-sex attractions diminish.

    • Increase in OSA. Some have also found new or increased romantic and sexual interests in the opposite sex.

    • Not Just Willpower. We are very aware that sexual feelings are not deliberately or consciously chosen and cannot be changed just by a simple conscious choice or force of will.

    • Comprehensive Life Changes. In our own experience, when shifts in the intensity or frequency of sexual attractions do occur, it is inevitably as a result of a series of comprehensive life changes — cognitively, behaviorally, emotionally, spiritually and relationally.

  5. Individual Experiences Differ. Nonetheless, we recognize that changes in sexual attraction are not a universal experience for all those who pursue change. Nor need they be.

    • Not 180 Degrees. Changes in sexual attractions are almost never experienced as a 180 degree shift from 100% gay to 100% straight.

    • Outcomes Differ. Not everyone who seeks to minimize their sexualization of other men or otherwise alter the nature, intensity or frequency of their same-sex attractions will experience the degree of change they may hope for.

    • No Guarantees. There can be no guaranteed outcomes of this work.

    • No Fault. Lack of the desired degree or type of change can never be assumed to reflect individual failure, blame, fault or insufficient desire or effort on the part of any individual.

    • Not For Everyone. We affirm that pursuit of change in the intensity or frequency of same-sex attractions is not the only possible response to unwanted or incongruous homosexual feelings and may or may not be the most appropriate resolution for any particular individual.

    • No Force or Pressure. We acknowledge that no one can change anyone else’s sexual orientation. All personal growth must be based on the principles of autonomy, self-determination, freedom of choice and personal agency.

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