Who is Brothers Road

We’ve Changed Our Name!

For 16 years, we were proudly known as People Can Change, and we boldly testified to that truth. In October 2016, we changed our name and became Brothers on a Road Less Traveled (or Brothers Road, for short).

Why the Change?

Simply, to better communicate who we really are and what we’re really about.

Three Core Messages

Our new name conveys three important truths about ourselves:

  • Brothers. We are a brotherhood of like-minded men who — instead of living a gay life or embracing a gay identity — support each other in addressing our same-sex attractions in affirming ways that align with our faith, values, morals and life goals. It is immensely affirming to know we are not alone in this journey, and to have the support of true brothers.
  • On A Road. This is a life journey and a deliberately chosen path — not something that is resolved in a weekend, through prayer alone, under pressure from others, or through a quick-fix solution. It’s a journey of courageous personal growth — cognitively, behaviorally, emotionally, spiritually and relationally.
  • Less Traveled. Admittedly, our path is not for everyone. We are a minority within a minority — men who (for the most part) experience same-sex attractions but who do not typically identify as gay or choose to live a gay life. It takes great courage to go against the mainstream secular culture of today and instead choose to live in accordance with our faith, personal values, our morals and life goals.

We Still Believe in…

In changing our name, we are not backing away from our personal, lived experience that people can and do in fact experience many positive changes and growth in sometimes profound ways.

Speaking for ourselves, many of us can testify that we have experienced meaningful, positive changes in:

  • Our beliefs about ourselves and others
  • Our thought life
  • Our behaviors — bringing them much more in line with our values and morals
  • Our relationships — especially in developing healthy male friendships that meet core emotional needs platonically rather than sexually
  • Our emotions — becoming much more self-affirming, confident and at peace
  • And yes, even our sexual desires, feelings and attractions.

In fact, many of us have seen our same-sex sexual attractions diminish in intensity or frequency over the years, or have seen sexual or romantic interests in the opposite-sex emerge or increase. This is not a universal experience, of course, but it’s not unusual either.

Our Mission

So as Brothers on a Road Less Traveled, we’ll continue to:

  • Live our mission to support adult men who voluntarily choose to address their same-sex attractions (or related issues) in affirming ways that align with their faith, values, morals and life goals.
  • Courageously and compassionately share our first-hand experience with others.
  • Value and respect authentic diversity, individual self-determination, and the inherent worth of all people, regardless of how anyone may ultimately choose to address same-sex attractions or related issues in their lives.

Click here to read our Mission and Vision statements.

Click here to read our Beliefs and Values.

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