Get Support

“I struggled in silence for 20 years thinking I could change myself if I just had the right understanding and the right techniques. But it wasn’t until I came into the Brothers Road community and allowed myself to be loved — just as I am — that phenomenal changes started taking place in my life and in my interactions with others.” — Glen, Texas, USA

We’ve seen Glen’s experience repeated in the lives of many men over the years. They’ve struggled in silence, often for years, hiding in shame, convinced that they will be rejected if they reach out for support.

But then they find a safe place with other men who share similar feelings and experiences — or they finally decide to trust a friend or mentor, a pastor or rabbi, or even their wife — and in doing so, they unlock the door to real growth and progress at last.

Of course, not everyone can understand. Not everyone is supportive. But many people can be and are. And one thing we’ve learned, without question, is this: We can’t do this alone!

You Are Not Alone!

Sexual and emotional struggles are deeply personal — but they are also deeply relational. Our hearts cry out for connection and community. Belonging, inclusion, acceptance, love — these are not “wants,” but critical, core human needs.

Without them, we isolate and can even become self-destructive.

So don’t face these difficult issues alone. Instead:

  • Reach out.
  • Find a few trusted others who can hear your story.
  • Join a support group — online or in person.
  • Join a Twelve Step group, or Celebrate Recovery, if appropriate.
  • Connect to an online community of support through Brothers on a Road Less Traveled.
  • Attend one of our webinars.
  • Take the risk of attending a (potentially life-changing) Journey Into Manhood program.

Reaching out may be the turning point you’ve been hoping and praying for all these years.

Our Stories

“I searched and prayed for many years to find a support network, a brotherhood of men who shared my struggle. Alone and isolated, I knew that there had to be other men who were in the same boat — sexually attracted to the same gender but choosing not to act upon it. I felt lost and confused in my search, fearful that I might just be alone in my desperation.

“Finding a support network in my local community and through Brothers Road has been an enormous blessing. I now know that I do not struggle alone, that there are many men who walk in my shoes and who are there for support, encouragement, accountability and friendship. — Larry, Ohio, USA

“The brotherhood of the Journey Into Manhood community has been very important to me. Loneliness and isolation have been all too prominent in my life, causing shame and unhealthy behaviors. Belonging to a community of men who accept me and affirm me increases my self-acceptance and diffuses my shame, making me less in need of unhealthy ‘self-medicating’ methods of escape, such as porn and fantasy.” — Steve, Israel

“Support was critical for me. I used to be incredibly isolated. When I learned that other men struggled in the same ways I did, that greatly reduced my shame. I now have a band of brothers with whom I can share anything. I judge there are very few men on the planet who can truthfully say that. Same-sex attraction has proved a blessing beyond my wildest dreams. A sexual feeling toward another man is simply a signal to me — a signal that I need deep platonic connection with the world of men. And I now know that deep level of connection is out there. It’s available to me.” — John, Washington, USA

“I needed to realize I could not do this on my own. I simply did not know how. I needed the guidance and help of others that God has placed into my life, ones who have learned how to overcome and have overcome various obstacles in their own lives that I then recognized in my own life.” — Andrew, Ohio, USA

“One of the most important things I learned in the beginning of my men’s work was I didn’t have to do it alone. It was in direct contradiction to all I’d come to believe. And old habits die hard. But connection and support were so vital and valuable. I came home from Journey Into Manhood and co-created a group immediately. Those men became my teachers and my friends. We learned from one another, and possibly more importantly, we reminded each other again and again that we were not alone.” — Sholom, Israel

“The support of fellow brothers is amazing! We meet a couple times a month for encouragement and I am free to call many of them any time of the day or night. I can’t imagine life without them.” — John, Texas, USA

“Before I started my journey I had zero close male friends in my life. I was scared to make any contact. Now I see that other brothers can help me become who I want to be. — Jay, Texas, USA

“During my Journey Into Manhood weekend I learned that I am not alone. I could talk and share my innermost thoughts with brothers, and I have experienced a level of openness and understanding I have never found before. I am now part of a worldwide brotherhood of men I can reach out to if I need support. And I can be a support to brothers who reach out to me. As a result, there is growth and lifelong development unlike anything I had experienced before.” — Horst, Germany

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