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DISCLAIMER:The resources listed below are for informational purposes, to give you a starting point to do your own research into resources that might be especially helpful to your particular situation. Brothers on a Road Less Traveled assumes no responsibility or liability for organizations, events or programs that are outside its direct control.

A Wife’s Journey, Too

Maybe you’ve known about his SSA for years, but never fully dealt with the reality of how it affects you. Or maybe you just recently found out – either because he willingly disclosed it to you – or, sometimes tragically, you “caught him” in some betrayal that brought his issues to the surface in a moment of crisis. Either way, this is your journey too. When one partner is going through something as big as this, you both are. (Read More)

Here are some of the programs and resources that some wives in our community have found especially helpful.

Retreats & Experiential Healing Programs

Especially for Wives of SSA Men

  • A Wife’s Healing Journey, by Brothers on a Road Less Traveled
  • This weekend is for women who are committed to their own personal growth — and who are ready to experience breakthrough emotional shifts and insights, regardless of some of the choices their husbands may have made.

For Women Generally

  • COR Woman: A Celebration of the Feminine, by COR
  • The Brothers Road leadership and the COR leadership have staffed each others’ events and have found a surprising synergy and complementarity in our work. They “get” us and our community, and the particular challenges women can face who are married to SSA men.

    From the COR website: “Through exercises, coaching and emotional exploration, you will have an opportunity to go into the heart of what it means to be a woman. We celebrate every type of woman at this workshop, every age, race, and size. There’s no “right” way to be a woman, there is only your way, and this workshop will help you find your special and unique expression of the feminine within.”

  • Daughters of Light, by Toolbox Healing
  • Although Daughters of Light is designed for women of faith from all walks of life and dealing with a wide range of personal issues, its co-creators are wives of men who are part of the Brothers Road community. They “get” us and our community, and the particular challenges women can face who are married to SSA men.

    From the Toolbox Healing website: “Daughters of Light events are designed for women looking for healing and connection, and for strengthening their relationships with God, self and others.”

  • The Woman Within Weekend, by Woman Within
  • A number of the wives of men in the Brothers Road community have found particular benefit through their work with Woman Within.

    From the Woman Within website: “Reconnect with the part of yourself that intuitively knows what is right for you – your ageless wisdom. The Weekend … processes have been carefully designed to help women find and access their inner power … (and) to reclaim her wholeness as a woman.”

Coaching Group: Especially for Wives

  • Especially for Wives is a weekly coaching group by phone (or Web) by Brothers on a Road Less Traveled.

    This is a supportive, weekly coaching group especially for women whose husbands struggle with same-sex attractions (SSA), sex addictions, or men who have otherwise been unfaithful to their marriage vows. It is co-led by Mary Jane Morgan, a wife of a man who formerly struggled with SSA, and Rich Wyler, a man from an SSA past who is the founder of Brothers on a Road Less Traveled. The cost is US$75 for 4 sessions a month, renewable monthly.

    For more information, contact Mary Jane Morgan at maryjanem49@gmail.com or 1-713-480-3948 (U.S. Central time zone) or Rich Wyler at richwyler@brothersroad.org or 1-434-227-9346.

Online Support

  • Married to an SSA Man — “Secret” (confidential) Facebook group by Brothers Road

    This is a SECRET support and discussion group for women who are married to men who experience same-sex attraction, whether those men identify as gay or are pursuing a path of change or resolution of their SSA feelings.

  • Marriage, SSA, Real Life and Real Love — “Secret” (confidential) Facebook group by Brothers Road

    This is a SECRET support and discussion group for heterosexually married men or women or couples who deal with one partner’s same-sex attraction in their marriage. Wives or husbands are welcome to join separately or together. We strive to create a safe place for men and women to get support for the special challenges of marriage in general — and in particular marriages in which SSA is or has been an issue.

  • Can Sexual Attractions Sometimes Change? — Public Facebook group by Brothers Road

    This is a public Facebook group for people who sincerely want to better understand the research and personal stories related to sexual fluidity and the possibility of sexual orientation change. Perspectives from all sides of the issue are welcome. Only civil discourse is tolerated.

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