Who is Brothers Road

Founding & Growth

In 1997, at the age of 35, Rich Wyler entered therapy for extreme distress over same-sex attractions and out-of-control sexual behaviors. He was in crisis — his self-esteem shattered, his marriage teetering on collapse, thoughts of suicide intensifying.

Two years later, after weekly individual and group therapy, Twelve Step work, deep emotional work in a men’s personal-growth network, personal mentoring, and a meaningful spiritual journey with pastoral counseling, Rich completed his professional therapy sessions — vastly happier, more at peace, sexually sober and his marriage thriving. His self-esteem was greatly improved. He had built a network of supportive, authentic friendships unlike anything he’d previously experienced. His same-sex attraction felt like a mere shadow of the former power it had held over his life.

Website of Testimonials Launched

Driven to share his life-changing (and life-saving!) experience with others who were now where he once was, Rich sought out a dozen other men with similarly powerful, life-changing experiences, and they published their first-hand accounts on a website they created and called PeopleCanChange.com. That was September 2000.

Online Community Started

In January 2001, well before the social media revolution really took off, Rich started an online discussion group for the website’s followers who were grappling with these same issues. And a community of support and brotherhood was born.

Journey Into Manhood Begins

Then, in January 2002, Rich created the first Journey Into Manhood experiential weekend program for men conflicted over their same-sex attraction. He partnered with a licensed professional counselor and other volunteers to present the first Journey Into Manhood program in Maryland, USA. Twenty-three men came from 12 U.S. states, the District of Columbia, and Australia to experience it.

Word quickly spread of the powerful breakthrough experience and the supportive community of like-minded brothers. Under Rich’s leadership, dozens of peer volunteers began presenting Journey Into Manhood several times a year across the U.S. — and, beginning in 2006, overseas as well.

Key Dates

2000 — Original website goes online, and www.peoplecanchange.com is born.

2001 — First online discussion group goes live.

2002 — First Journey Into Manhood weekend experience presented, in Maryland USA.

2002 — The group becomes a registered non-profit organization, based in Virginia, USA, under the name People Can Change.

2006 — Two follow-up weekends, “Journey Continues” and “Journey Beyond,” are launched.

2007 — Journey Into Manhood is offered outside the U.S. for the first time — in England.

2009 — “A Wife’s Healing Journey” is launched, in Texas, for women married to men who experience same-sex attraction.

2012 — Journey Into Manhood is offered in Israel for the first time — the first bilingual (English-Hebrew) Journey Into Manhood.

2014 — The 2,000th “journeyer” attends Journey Into Manhood.

2014 — Journey Into Manhood is offered in Poland for the first time. It is presented in English with simultaneous translation into multiple European languages.

2016 — The organization changes its legal name to Brothers on a Road Less Traveled (“Brothers Road,” for short) and overhauls its website, renamed www.brothersroad.org.

2016 — Journey Into Manhood is presented for the 100th time. Some 2,500 men from 45 U.S. states and 40 countries have participated since the first Journey Into Manhood in 2002.

2018 — Journey Into Manhood is offered in Colombia, South America, for the first time — the first Spanish-lanuage Journey Into Manhood.

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