6-Week Webinar Series for Wives or Couples:
“When Your Husband Is Same-Sex Attracted: From Surviving to Thriving”

Can a marriage really survive a husband’s same-sex attractions or infidelity? Believe it or not, many such marriages have not only survived but ultimately have even thrived—although usually only after some tough, deeply authentic work by both husband and wife.

In our six-week webinar series, you’ll meet six couples who have dealt first-hand with a husband’s same-sex attractions and have gone on to build a more authentic, faithful, loving relationship even than before. You’ll hear from husbands and wives who have worked through some of life’s toughest issues. You’ll be invited to ask hard questions. You’ll learn what has worked for them, and what hasn’t.

Dates not yet set for 2019
(6 weekly sessions)

US$90 for all 6 sessions (just US$15 per session) for either the wife, the husband or both to participate together.

Questions: richwyler@brothersroad.org or 1-434-227-9346 (phone or text).

Webinar: Another Way Out

A powerful, 15-week Webinar for men who are serious about exploring whether and how they might diminish their unwanted same-sex attractions — or otherwise address them in affirming ways that align with their faith, values, morals and life goals.

This webinar series is professionally facilitated by Rich Wyler, founder of Brothers on a Road Less Traveled, the primary creator of Journey Into Manhood and Journey Continues, co-creator of A Wife’s Healing Journey, and a certified life coach.

Dates not yet set for 2019

Teaching, exercises (processes) and sharing on:

  1. Why pursue change? What kinds of change? Is it even possible?
  2. Where does your homosexuality come from? Nature or nurture or both? Common experiences of men with unwanted SSA
  3. What doesn’t work for us — and what does
  4. Build self-esteem, confidence and assertiveness
  5. Challenge distressing (harmful) beliefs about self and others
  6. Build a strong support network
  7. Develop sexual sobriety
  8. Explore your M.A.N.S. Work — Masculinity, Authenticity, Need Fulfillment, Surrender
  9. Reframe a same-sex attraction in “real time” (using the MANS principles)
  10. Live the Masculinity Principle: How do you see yourself and other men? Build healthy attachment to the masculine (internally and interpersonally)
  11. Live the Authenticity Principle: Get real, face your work
  12. Live the Need-Fulfillment Principle: Discover and meet your core needs
  13. Live the Surrender Principle: Let go past hurts. Yield your heart to the divine will.
  14. Face the feminine: Separate and heal in order to relate man to woman, from a place of difference but complementarity
  15. Plan your journey: Where to from here?

US$225 for all 15 sessions (just US$15 per session). Or US$85 a month if you prefer to pay in three monthly installments)

Questions: richwyler@brothersroad.org or 1-434-227-9346 (phone or text).

Note: If you live in the Eastern Hemisphere and are interested in participating at a time other than the middle of the night, email us and let us know. If there is enough interest, we can schedule an additional series for Eastern Hemisphere participants.

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