Journey Continues: Living In Your Gold


  • Planning is underway now for 2019 or 2020 in Israel and/or the U.S.

Journey Continues is our 2 1/2-day, weekend follow-up to Journey Into Manhood. It is open to any man who previously completed the Journey Into Manhood experience who continues to work on:

  • minimizing his sexualization of other men, or
  • making peace with whatever SSA remains, without acting on or over-identifying with those feelings, or
  • addressing other still-unresolved issues with men and masculinity

and who is in integrity with his previous commitments to the Brothers Road community.

There are no other “prerequisites” nor any other approval process. Registration is first-come, first served. Many men experience Journey Continues to be just as impactful as their original Journey Into Manhood experience — although it is intentionally not as intense or “advanced” as our Journey Beyond program. Journey Continues is appropriate for past JiM staffers and Journey Beyond participants.

Journey Continues creates opportunities for participants to do challenging personal-growth work in a safe, supportive community — especially work around:

  • Understanding and breaking through some of the blocks that may be keeping you stuck
  • Building self-acceptance and self-worth
  • Understanding and incorporating the “energies” of four masculine archetypes — King, Warrior, Magician, and Lover–but especially the King
  • Challenging and releasing harmful beliefs and thought patterns
  • Increasing in sexual sobriety
  • Building community with the masculine
  • Making peace with the feminine
  • Living more of everyday life in the Golden Masculine state

What Some Past Participants Have Said

“I had very high expectations for this weekend, and Brothers Road and the entire staff really delivered. I had a few specific issues to work through — namely dealing with how I really view and react to the feminine. I received answers far beyond what I had expected, loud and clear. I also needed (and loved!) the reminder about the Masculine Golden State. I can’t express my appreciation enough.”

“It was a perfect next step from the JiM weekend. Many of the issues I’ve faced and we collectively have faced were addressed during the weekend. It was focused and targeted to our needs of what we would experience after the JiM weekend. The issues of friendship and codependency, sobriety, shadows, and more.”

“I have never felt this good about my recovery. I was challenged the whole time. The atmosphere was positive from the beginning. Having tribes was a key factor. It was good having the same men work together. There was a bond we shared. The staff in my tribe were well qualified. They were open and challenging. The program went deeper and deeper. I see some results already. I feel more confident than ever.

“I was able to work on one of the most significant blocks not only to my SSA journey and but my whole life. Absolutely loved it.”

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